Donald Trump Superstar?

It’s Holy Week and as always I break out my copy of Jesus Christ Superstar and watch it as my way of getting me in the Holy Week mood. However watching it today I saw some hilarious parallels between the feud between the Jewish priesthood and Jesus as compared to the Republican Establishment and Donald Trump today. Now far be it from me to even remotely suggest that Donald Trump is some sort of Messiah. I won’t even give him the privilege of being called a false Messiah. But the parallels I noticed really really cracked me up.

The scenes where the chief priests Caiaphas and Annas are plotting to take down Jesus made me think of what the Republican hierarchy might be doing right now in an attempt to stop Donald Trump. I imagine Mitt Romney would play the part of Caiaphas and I don’t know perhaps Newt Gingrich in the role of the weaselly little Annas. Here is a link to a YouTube video that just plays the song and shows the lyrics of the song “Then We Are Decided”. If you’re unfamiliar with it, it was not in the original album but was added for the film and probably appeared in most stage productions. I’m not sure maybe it went to the stage first. The refrain from the song goes “he’s a craze”. In fact I thought that was the title of the song and it wasn’t until I just looked it up.

Here is a link to the scene from the movie. This is no doubt an illegal upload of the scene from the actual movie so I can’t guarantee how long the link will be active.

After plotting behind-the-scenes among themselves, Caiaphas and Annas call together the entire counsel to convince them of their plot in a song titled “This Jesus Must Die”. Here is a video with the lyrics. I could picture the same scene going on among a larger group of old-school members of the Republican Party trying to decide what to do about it Trump.

Again here is a link to the scene from the actual film no doubt illegally uploaded.

Now the priests (oops I mean the Republican leadership) just needs to find a Judas who will sell out Tramp. My guess it would cost way more than 30 pieces of silver 🙂

Just read the lyrics and tell me it doesn’t make you think of the Republicans vs. Donald Trump. Prepare yourself for a good laugh.

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