SNL Outdid Itself with Obama Related Skits This Week

All the speculation about Maya Rudolph’s return as host of Saturday Night Live this week was focused on whether or not they would dare to do a Whitney Houston sketch since she was known for her spot on impersonation of the late one time popstar turned drug addict. Fortunately she did not. However in one of the best skits in a long time on SNL, Rudolph played first lady Michelle Obama with Fred Arminsen doing the president. But in a twist they didn’t play the Obamas themselves but played the Obamas impersonating Bill Cosby’s characters from the old Cosby Show… Cliff and Claire Huxtable.

In another excellent skit, a group of African-American political pundits sit around speculating what it would take to get them to not vote for Barack Obama. This one is well worth watching also…

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